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About JTorry Mission

Hi There! I am Jenny Torry.


I would like to introduce myself to you and share a little about me with you.


I am a professional makeup and hair artist, academy instructor, and entrepreneur with over 15 years of experience under my belt. I am passionate and driven with all things to do with the beauty industry, and equally as motivated in teaching new and aspiring artists the proper techniques which will allow them to be a confident, professional artist.


I realized a challenge that brides face is that they want to feel absolutely beautiful on their special day. However, they do not want to look like a new person, rather they want their own natural features to be accentuated. Also, they lack the essential tools and knowledge to feel comfortable with applying makeup on themselves.

Understanding these concerns is why I have created the three different branches of my business: Artistry, Cosmetics and Beauty Academy. At my JTorry Makeup and Hair Artistry, I am able to emphasize my client’s natural features and allow them to not only shine on the outside, but on the inside. At JTorry Beauty, I am able to provide my clients the necessary tools that will allow them to become comfortable applying makeup in the comfort of their own homes. Finally, at the JTorry Makeup Academy, I have an unrelenting passion for teaching my students the same techniques and artistry that I have mastered to help the everyday woman to look beautiful inside and out.


I’m here to bridge the gap and help aspiring artists to deliver and be proud of their work.


You’re the happiest when you help others feel their happiest!

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Bridal Tips


All About Bridal Trials

Let me set the scene for you; you just got engaged and now you are super excited about planning your special day. The first thing I would recommend is that you and your fiancé prioritize your wedding vendors and set your budget.

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Meet Jenny Torry


Hi there!

Thanks so much for visiting my page! My name is Jenny, I am a native Texan, born and raised. I have a precious family that consists of my husband of 16.5 years, and my beautiful rainbow miracle baby girl, Milan who is 8 years old.


Owner and Makeup and Hair Artist at the JTorry Makeup & Hair Artistry  for over 13 years. Beauty instructor at the JTorry Makeup Academy.I absolutely love what I do.

You will find topics about Beauty, Bridal, Inspirations, Fashion, Fitness, Health, Life, everything that I am passionate about. I’ve went through many hardships and struggle in life and I want to share them with you to show you that it’s possible to overcome ANYTHING, and to be strong I absolutely love to inspire others to be confident and to pursue their dreams, and be healthy mentally AND physically. I love to be funny, silly and honest. So please take a seat and follow along as a New Blog will be posted every Tuesday here on the JTorry Blog.

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