Be you👏🏽 Do you👏🏽 For you 👏🏽

Be you👏🏽 Do you👏🏽 For you 👏🏽

One thing I’ve been truly grateful for is my voice and my resilience to what aligns with my purpose.🧡

Having clarity on your passion and purpose gives so much confidence on yourself and how to express it.

This helps you get excited on what you do and how you do it.

Doing things with intention takes life to a different level.

If you haven’t found that fave person then this is your sign that it’s time to start the journey to realize it was you all along.

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About Me

Hey Beautiful

I’m Jenny Torry, CEO of JTorry Academy, a Professional Makeup Artist, Educator & Hair Stylist who strives to make you feel beautiful through knowledge and experience.

She is a mother who always teaches people how to become successful.

Welcome to the Jtorry Page. Here you will find tips from 14 years of professional makeup & hair artist.


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