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Can I Go to School for Just Makeup?

by Jenny

Can I Go to School for Just Makeup?


Some aspiring makeup artists have a passion primarily for makeup and would rather skip the education required for cosmetology and esthetics licensing. If you fall under that category, you’ll be happy to know that you do not need a cosmetology or esthetician license to work as a makeup artist in some states. 


If you want to learn hairstyling and skincare, then cosmetology school is your best bet, but if you wish to focus on makeup, there is a school for you. 



Schooling is available for aspiring makeup artists to focus their energy and develop their skills primarily on makeup. Choosing a school that teaches only makeup will save you time, money and help you become an expert in your field faster. 

Reaching Your Goals of Becoming a Makeup Artist



Cosmetology and esthetician courses touch on makeup artistry, but it is not the focus. If your goal is to become a makeup artist in the beauty or bridal niche, then attending a school or courses that focus primarily on makeup will benefit you the most. 

What Schooling Do I Need to Become a Makeup Artist?

Fortunately, many states don’t require a license to become a makeup artist, primarily if you work in the entertainment or fashion industry or sales. 


However, although you may not need a license for makeup artistry, you will need a level of training to find work and to be successful. It will most likely include a school or program that specializes in makeup artistry. You will then need to fulfill a certain number of hours either in an apprenticeship or practicum training to fine-tune your art. 


When choosing which makeup training school to attend, you will consider what the school specializes in and how experienced its instructors are. Other things to keep in mind when choosing a makeup school include: 


  • Accreditations and affiliations 

  • Curriculum 

  • Facilities 

  • The faculty

  • Support

  • Hours

How to Become a Successful Makeup Artist

The demand for highly skilled makeup artists is on a constant rise. Aspiring makeup artists know that mastering critical beauty skills is only the beginning. Learning to run a business, market your skills, and build clientele is equally crucial to what you can do with a makeup brush. 


Finding a makeup school that helps you focus on your niche and specialty will be your first step to reaching your dreams of becoming a successful makeup artist.


Get Certified as a Professional Makeup Artist

By joining the Jtorry Makeup Academy, you will learn the top industry techniques and the necessary knowledge crucial to working in the beauty industry. Learn first hand from owner Jenny Torry, a licensed state-board instructor and a working artist. She will help you build confidence in your makeup skills and get you on the road to a successful business in makeup artistry. 


Jenny Torry has over 13 years of makeup experience in the bridal beauty industry. She’s helped over 3,500 clients feel confident and beautiful for their big day, and she will give you the tools to make a success of your passion for makeup artistry.




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