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Can I Learn Makeup Online?

by Jenny

Can I learn Makeup Online?

Does the idea of working as a professional makeup artist make you feel proud and happy? Then you may want to pursue a career in it. What’s the first thing that you must do? I recommend you to get formal training. Enroll in a makeup class that will teach you proper skills and techniques in makeup artistry. What if you are too busy and you don’t have time to attend a classroom-style learning? Then I urge you to check out makeup classes online.

YouTube Makeup

How About YouTube Tutorials?


You may have found yourself watching a lot of YouTube tutorial videos on how to apply makeup. You have also scoured the web for the most comprehensive free beauty courses online. This may have encouraged your confidence. Now you think you are capable of handling any makeup task. It’s actually not that simple. Tutorial videos on YouTube and other sites are only good for makeup tips, tricks, and ideas. If you are really passionate to become a professional in this field then you have to take it further.


Achieving a successful career as a professional makeup artist will firmly depend on your foundation. If you have weak basic skills and techniques, you will find it difficult to advance. Makeup artistry is a continuously evolving trade. You will have to keep up with the latest trend in styles and techniques. In this industry, continuing to learn new skills is important to maintain profitability and thrive in it.


Like other careers, your foundational skills in the craft of makeup artistry should be learned only from the professionals. These professionals are highly qualified to hold a makeup masterclass. They have the knowledge and experience to guide you through the proper ways. Ultimately they can lead you to your path to success. This is something that a YouTube tutorial cannot simply provide. 


Advantages of Learning Makeup Online


There are many ways to become a professional makeup artist today. One of them is through online makeup classes. Finishing online makeup learning can be similar to studying in a classroom setting.

Here are some of the advantages of professional makeup classes online:


Most makeup classes online offer flexibility in terms of leaning it at your own pace! This can be very convenient for you if you are already busy at work or school. You can just squeeze in some of your spare time to continue learning the lessons. There’s no need to change your lifestyle just to reach your dream of becoming a professional makeup artist.

Easy Access

One of the biggest disadvantages in learning through a traditional classroom setup is the hassle with your commute. With an online makeup school, that is totally eliminated. You have easy access to the learning materials without wasting time going to and from the physical classroom. Online makeup courses bring the lessons right to you.

Every makeup class is available to you 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. So you can watch it on your mobile device or computer. Learning on-the-go is definitely possible. You can even learn right at the comfort of your own home. The instructional videos that you can access also give you a great advantage in terms of reviewing the lessons. You have unlimited opportunities to simply pause and rewind. You can re-watch as many times as you want until you have fully understood the lessons.

Under the Guidance of Experts

Online makeup courses have beauty experts who will be there to guide you in mastering the lessons. These experts have the knowledge and experience in performing wonderful makeup creations. So you should not be worried about honing your skills properly. Also, most makeup classes online provide quick access to support staff who can readily answer all your concerns, even after-hours!

Help With Your Specialization

Just as you have a favorite subject in school, you will have a favorite specialization in an online makeup school. If you rely only on YouTube tutorials you will never fully realize what you’re truly good at.

With makeup classes online, the beauty instructors can give you all the details about all of the different specializations. They can teach you the pros and cons of each specific field. They can also help direct you to the right path in your specialization. Since the beauty instructors have been with you all the way, they know what you’re truly capable of. They can gauge your skills and techniques and point you to the proper path. Once you choose a specialization they can even help you enhance your skills specifically for that path.

This is a very important aspect of the learning process. In this industry you need to specialize in order to succeed. Find that area of specialization and be the best in it. Strive hard until you become the go-to makeup artist in your field. And that can happen thanks to the beauty instructors of the online makeup classes.

Certification and Credibility

Online makeup courses also provide a certification after you have finished the course. Although not every state requires a license in order to practice professionally, having a certification can be very beneficial. With a certification you will have proof that you are properly trained on the professional skills and techniques.

You will have an edge against other makeup artists who didn’t undergo formal training or have no certification as proof. You can attract more potential clients to sign up for your services. In no time, you can easily be in-demand. Note that not every online makeup school offers certification upon completion. So you have to make sure about it, if that is something you require before signing up to enroll.


Online Experience

Use Your Makeup Skills to Build a Successful Career

After completing a makeup masterclass, your next dilemma is how to proceed. You can find many professional beauty courses online that offer comprehensive lessons on makeup artistry. But most of them don’t teach you what to do after graduating or how to start your business. This is another important consideration if your goal is to practice professionally.

At the JTorry Makeup Academy Online Experience, we take things to the next level. We don’t just teach you the skills and techniques used in applying professional makeup; we also teach you business-related matters. These lessons can include the following:
  • Requirements in setting up your own makeup artistry business
  • How to deal with potential clients in the most ideal way
  • How to properly communicate with clients so you can completely bring to life the look they have always dreamed of
  • Effective ways to advertise your services
  • Photo taking in order to attract new clients
  • And many more!

 Check our website to learn more about our newly launched Online Experience. Enroll now as we celebrate the launch today!



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