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Top 10 Makeup Must-Have You Should Have In Your Personal Makeup Bag

by Jenny

As ladies, we know we are a little extra when it comes to getting ready. Even if you aren’t into makeup the basic makeup application is still essential. You want to not only feel your best but you want to put your best face forward. I wanted to share my top 10 must-haves that you should have in your makeup bag.

Remember, the specific brand you choose will depend on your budget, your preferences, and your skin type, but this should serve as your guideline as to what you really need.  Following this list will save you from making unnecessary makeup purchases.

Makeup Application

Here is a list of the ten must-have items for your makeup bag. 

1. Tinted Moisturizer – For daily wear, tinted moisturizer is a great way to get both a natural coverage along with the benefits of moisturizer and SPF. My favorite Tinted Moisturizer is the Pure Radiant Moisturizer by Nars. Don’t worry too much about how the Tinted Moisturizer doesn’t provide enough coverage as you would like because that’s where full coverage Concealer comes into play which we will discuss on the next item.

2. Concealer – This has more coverage and more pigment that will provide more of a flawless look. It helps to cover dark circles, age spots, or any flaws you may want to cover-up. – My favorite concealer is the Mega Waterproof Concealer by Moira.

3. Translucent Powder – This is used to set the complexion that you applied on your face like the tinted moisturizer/foundation and concealer. Any wet product you put on your face needs to be set with a powder to help lock it in. My favorite translucent loose powder is by Laura Mercier Translucent Powder.

4. Blush – This is a delicate rosy/warm color accessible in powders or creams intended to mimic a youthful appearance. There are various blushes available in the market in different forms: powder, gel, pencil, and many more. I prefer to have a natural blush tone that will go with any look. My favorite blush is the Warm Soul by MAC Cosmetics

5. Brows –  These are the most important features of the face. It’s what frames the face and brings your look together. For those who don’t have brows like I do, shaping your brow is a must. I like using a Precisely Brow Pencil by Benefit. Be sure to get a shade that is two shades lighter than your own hair. Even if your hair is black doesn’t mean you should get a black brow pencil and draw angry check marks on your brows. It’s best to go for a softer brow.

6. Mascara – Applying mascara can help you look more awake with very little effort. Invest in good mascara to give your eyes an instant ‘pop’. For everyday usage, I recommend non-waterproof mascara. Keep Waterproof mascara for special occasions only as it’s hard to remove on a daily basis.

7. Eyeliner – Kohl Eye Pencil – Applying Eye Kohl Liner under your lash line will help make them look even fuller. Per your preference you can choose a Dark Brown or Black. Dark Brown is much more natural than Black Liner. I prefer the blackest black. My favorite is the Stay Put Eyeliner from Milani. I love this because not only does it stay put but there’s no need to sharpen.

8. Lip gloss – For days when you don’t feel like wearing makeup but can not step out of the house looking unkempt, lip gloss can add an instant ‘oomph’ to your look.  Lip gloss is also great when you need to do quick touch-ups. I love the Glass Bomb Universal Lip Luminizer by Fenty Lip.

9. Bronzer – Get a bronzer or press powder that is two shades darker than your own skin tone. Using this will add warmth and dimension back into your face. This can also be used for eye shadow and create the natural depth that is needed to wake your eyes up. My favorite Bronzer is the Sun Stalk’r Instant Warmth Bronzer by Fenty Beauty. If you’re my skin tone Shady Biz is the perfect shade. 

10. Setting Spray – Working Spray will help you feel dewier and refreshed. My fave is the PREP + PRIME FIX+ / MINI M·A·C by MAC Cosmetics

Last but not least, you must get a practical makeup case that can hold all your makeup together. Nothing is more frustrating then when you have all your makeup all over the counter. Add to that the frustration of having a makeup bag that will not house all or your makeup. That’s why the JTorry Beauty Life Makeup Case is a life saver. All Makeup owners should get this as it fits all your makeup must-haves and more. You can see through the bag so there is no need to open just to check if anything is missing. Trust me, this makeup bag literally makes life so much easier.

Makeup Bag JTorry Bueauty Life Case
Here’s an image that what shared to us by a customer.

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