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Story Time & New Makeover www.jtorryart.com

by Jenny

 As my client gets comfortable in my makeup chair, I’m often asked how I got started in the Makeup Industry. They continue with curiosity and wonder if doing makeup is something that I have always loved since I was little. Often, I let out a small chuckle because it’s a story that may take them by surprise. I further explain how makeup wasn’t something that I was into growing up but instead of how passionate I was as an Artist. I’ll explain how I’ve always wanted to be a painter since I was in 2nd grade and now fast forward to the twists and turns of trying to figure out how I could make a living as an artist. While working in corporate, I was miserable. Literally, I would cry during lunch in the car about how much I hated my job. I wanted to do what I love, so I finally decided to start a small side business to help me feel motivated and happy while working full time! I officially opened up and created my JTorry Art website www.jtorryart.com to create custom paintings online. My brother helped me create a beautiful website at that time, and I made business cards. I knew nothing about business, but I knew that I wanted to share and showcase my passion. I did sell several pieces of artwork, but I wasn’t too happy with my business progress by year three. During a break at work, bored out of my mind, I began daydreaming about what else I could paint on instead of canvases. Then, a bulb went off in my head. ‘Why don’t I paint faces? Like yes, I could do Makeup! ‘Oh yes I could be a Makeup artist!?!’ 

Even though I had no clue about how to be a makeup artist – I was jumping with excitement and could not contain my wild idea. I decided to share this with my co-worker and my husband. I made my mind up and set my goal to start my business to become a Makeup Artist. I have stuck with it since then and been at it non-stop through continuous hard work. Even though I didn’t have any friends that were makeup artists to guide me when I started, without hesitation (still clueless), I began to invest thousands of dollars on my makeup kit and began practicing on my friends that weekend. (Don’t be like me when I started  click here to get the guide to save you trouble on starting your own Pro-Makeup Artist Kit) Since then, I never looked back.  I continually progressed and worked hard to innovate myself to be better than I was the day before.  The only thing I never changed was my website domain, www.jtorryart.com.  I kept my domain, but of course, I changed all the content from beautiful canvases to beautiful faces. At this moment in my story, I can see my client’s eyes light up as their curiosity gets answered about my background. Makeup is genuinely an art. 

Yes, my domain jtorryart.com is pretty old, and through the years, it has had many upgrades and changes, but I have never fully loved my website. I had to accept it, focus on actual work and move on as we should. 

What is the Luxurious Bridal Experience

For many years, I’ve put so much heart, soul, and sweat into ensuring quality service, from booking to the flawless makeovers and ensuring that my bride and her family all feel memorable and stress-free. 

Integrity in my service is essential to me, and I make sure that it’s implemented in my business. I value and cherish my client’s trust, to where I want to give back and show that I’m genuinely grateful. Throughout the years, I’ve implemented various things by continually improving customer service and appreciation. My goal was for them to feel special and feel that it’s more than hair and makeup. When my brides would express it throughout the years, I realized I was heading in the right direction, which led me to finally brand my website to match the service I’ve been working so hard to provide.   

Exciting Reveal on JTORRYART.COM AKA JTORRY  Website 

All that aside, I’m here now immensely pleased to announce and reveal the brand new look of my JTorryArt.com! You will notice that the branding of my Brand is cohesive and goes together. At JTorryart.com, I offer a Luxurious Bridal Experience, and JTorry Makeup Academy offers an In-Person Experience and will launch an Online Experience professional makeup course this coming March 2021(stay tuned on the exact date). 

I’m over the moon and excited for you guys to feel my passion through my website. I designed my website with my heart and mind, and I hope you all love it as much as I do. Please take a look and let me know what you think in the comments below. This is only the beginning, and I’m genuinely grateful for you to join and stay with me on this journey. Forever grateful to all my past JTorryBrides and their sweet family for trusting me and my team. Thanks to all the amazing and talented photographers that I get to work with here. 

Photo Credits below (Please let me know if I forget to add you)

Nida R Photography

Ivy Weddings

Miranwar Studio

Ana Video

Vek Photo




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