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How Makeup Artistry Evolved During the Pandemic

by Jenny

The COVID-19 pandemic took a strike on a lot of businesses, and the makeup industry is no exception. When the lockdowns were implemented, all my brides, students, and I had no choice but to comply with the safety guidelines. Weddings were rescheduled to next year, clients were canceling, and my Makeup Academy classes were postponed. Everything was uncertain for us in those earlier days of the pandemic.

At a time when you have to stay six feet away from someone, our work sounds quite impossible to do. Makeup and hair artistry are very personal jobs that require us to be in close contact with our clients. We are literally in front of their faces, working on the perfect look for at least a couple of hours.

Fortunately, this period didn’t last too long as weddings, events, and other special occasions were once again allowed to push through. However, it entailed countless changes and adjustments that we had to make to adapt to this unique situation. We were challenged to get creative and think strategically to ensure that we are still efficient while doing our part in mitigating the virus.

Online Consultations and Client Meetings

Prior to any wedding or event, I make sure to meet with my clients for a test makeup or a quick chat to find out how they visualize their look. It helps me align with them, come with ideas, and prepare my kit in advance for a more efficient application process on their special day. 

This time around, though, I’ve resorted to virtual consultations instead of face-to-face meetings. It will lessen social interactions with clients while still accomplishing what we’re supposed to do. Although I honestly always used to recommend doing a test makeup, especially if it’s for a major event, we have to prioritize our clients’ safety and our own.

Safety Precautions on Location

It’s important to me that everyone, especially my clients, feel comfortable and safe with my team and I. Thus, we practice wearing face masks, face shields, and gloves to give our clients the peace of mind they deserve in a time like this. I make sure that we comply with the Makeup Artist Sanitation Standard to sterilize brushes and other tools.

Although there are guidelines in place for all makeup artists to follow, I’ve taken some of these extra steps to ensure my client’s safety:

  • Have one set of brushes per client
  • Use disposable lip wands and mascara wands
  • Have separate pouches for used and unused brushes
  • Practice social distancing when I’m not applying makeup

Re-strategizing the Makeup Process

Before jumping back on the job and taking my first client during the pandemic, I had to rethink my entire makeup process. Since makeup and brushes touch different faces, I had to strategize on my workflow, starting with the placement of my tools, sterilizing them while on-location, and the list goes on! So, I came up with some simple tricks to remain efficient and create the perfect look for my clients while complying with safety guidelines:

  • Use more high-quality multi-purpose products
  • Use products in tubes or those that can be scraped onto a palette
  • Bring only the essentials in airtight containers to avoid contamination

New Ways to Generate Income

To date, not all makeup artists have been able to bounce back to start practicing their craft again because some states still have strict guidelines on physical distancing. This urged them to find other means of generating income to survive this economic strain. Thankfully, social media exists. It has been a massive platform for us to earn through different ways by putting up online courses and tutorials or marketing ourselves as industry influencers. While it has been a challenge to put everything together, we had to think for the long run.

Personally, I have been working on the JTorry Makeup Academy Online Experience that will allow me to teach more aspiring makeup artists around the globe in mastering the art of beauty. Likewise, I’ve been actively updating my websites– JTorryart.com for my makeup artistry and Jtorrymakeupacademy.com for my makeup school. So far, these have helped me establish myself in the industry and still be able to get new clients despite the pandemic.

I’m pretty sure that even when things go back to the “old normal”, makeup artists who have made a name for themselves on social media will retain their online presence and use that further to their advantage to get more clients in the future.

Keep safe, and always wear your mask for your safety and those that around you!


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