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How to still look fresh while wearing a face mask?

by Jenny

Are you the type of person that can’t go out without makeup? Then, today’s blog is meant for you!

Now that times have changed, and wearing a face mask is our new normal.  I don’t mean wearing a facial mask, but I do mean that mask that we wear once we step out of the house.  Times have now changed, where we are getting lazier in getting ready and now we are questioning if we should even wear makeup.  Most of us are accustomed to wearing makeup almost every single day of our lives pre-pandemic, and we are questioning ourselves if we should even bother.  I say, we should!  It will start making us feel more like our “normal” selves and allow us to feel more confident with a mask covering half of our faces.

Here are some tips on how you can still do your makeup and wear a face mask all day:

1. Prep your skin. This is vital to any makeup routine, and it’s actually even more important now that you could easily get a ‘mask-ne’ or get acne from wearing a mask for too long after cleansing your face. Apply all your regular skin care products, from toner to serum, then your eye cream and moisturizer. Most importantly, apply your primer; it gives you an extra layer of protection between your skin and makeup products.

2. Focus on your eye area. Since this is the only area not covered, make sure you do your eye area makeup well.

  • Concealing- use a concealer that is one shade lighter than your skin tone. I love to use either Elf or L.A Girl Pro concealer, as both of them are full coverage. Just use the right amount of product to avoid creasing, and then set it with a translucent powder of your choice.
  • Shaping your eyebrows- Use your favorite eyebrow pencil or gel. Either will do; make sure it’s on fleek as to your liking! 
  • Accentuate your natural features with highlighting. Use a cream or powder bronzer on your forehead, and you can use the same color in your eye crease. 
  • Give your lashes some love. Curl your lash and apply the mascara; this will make sure that your eyes look to brighten up. 

3. Don’t forget your lips. Even though it’s covered with a mask, let’s treat our lips fairly. First, make sure to apply lip moisturizer; you must keep your lips moist as they tend to dry up fast when covered with a mask. My favorite is to only use a lip stain to add color to my lips, and it’s lightweight and transfer-proof versus using the traditional lipsticks. 

 I know there will be times that you’d love to wear your favorite red lipstick, and that’s no problem; you can use a matte one to make sure no smudging will happen. 

4. Set your makeup. Setting your makeup is the most important part of your makeup routine; it locks in your makeup products to stay intact for a longer time, and I personally love to use Mora Maquillaje setting spray. It’s a holy grail! 

Just as it’s important for you to put on your makeup, it’s even more important to remove your makeup within a timely manner. When you get home immediately wipe your makeup off with a good makeup wipe to help remove the makeup buildup and to clear your pores out quickly or wash your face with your favorite cleanser.

I love these clarifying wipes by Shea Moisture. Also, I love these clarifying wipes, because they don’t dry out my face and they get rid of every piece of makeup I had on without leaving a nasty film.

I always recommend removing your makeup with a wipe or remover before washing your face with a cleanser. Yes, wearing makeup and a mask comes with a risk, but being proactive and staying on top of your skin will help from future breakouts. 

To be honest, when I want to feel cute, I still go all out with my full face. Wearing makeup is ultimately for you. Feeling beautiful helps to boost your confidence, and that shines more than anything through the mask. 

Hope these tips give you some encouragement to be yourself and feel confident about wearing makeup during our current pandemic.

Keep safe, and always wear your mask for safety and those around you!

See you on my next blog! 



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