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Top 10 Tips to stay healthy and boost our Immunity

by Jenny

Wintertime is approaching, so sicknesses like cough and colds can quickly get in our way from doing what we love the most. Thus getting healthy and boosting our Immunity is the best way to keep us healthy this season. Especially now that the pandemic is still here, we must guard our health and use common sense in our everyday activities. 

There are many ways to protect ourselves from getting sick, but here are some of the best ways to take care of our health. 

  1. Do physical activities for at least 30 minutes a day. Maintain a regular exercise routine, walk in the park, dance, run, or do stretches.. Sometimes I’ll turn on my fave hype music out loud and start dancing for a good 15 minutes will do the trick. You can download an exercise or a physical activity tracker app to check on your progress and help you get motivated to do your physicals daily.
  2. Maintain a healthy diet. Eat a well-balanced, low-fat diet with lots of fruits, vegetables, and whole grains. Balance your sugar and salt intake. I always make sure to include protein in every meal and vegetables. Not only does it help to regulate my weight but helps to fuel my work. I like to meal prep on Sunday and have food ready for the next three to four days. If I don’t have time to make a meal, I’ll make myself an easy but yummy protein shake. I love this Chocolate shake All- In – One Meal replacement and add Ripple Dairy Free Protein Milk hits the spot for me. 
  3. Stay out of the sun between 10 am to 3 pm, as it is when the sun’s harmful rays are strongest. Use sunblock if needed to go out between this time. I love to go out in the morning sunshine, between 7 am to 10 am, for my vitamin D fix! 
  4. Maintain a healthy weight. Checking your BMI at least every two months can help you keep track of your ideal and average weight. Even if you’re not at your weight that you want to be, make small healthy goes to reach your goals. Keeping in mind that health and wellness is a journey and not a destination. It’s something we have to work on continually. 
  5. Get enough sleep. I know we’re busy and all, but don’t forget the benefits of good sleep not just for good digestion, but also for mood and stress management. Sleep is so essential for our brains to function correctly. I read the other day on how not getting enough sleep can link to dementia, weight gain, and a host of other diseases. I believe it! 
  6. Stay hydrated and drink more than usual. Drink at least eight glasses per day or more. This will help your skin to be hydrated all of our organs to do its job. Hydration is what keeps your body moving. When you’re not properly hydrated, then your organs can’t properly function. I have my fave electrolyte drink I make myself every day that keeps me hydrated and keeps me going. Check the blog post on how to make a hydrating drink. 
  7. Don’t miss regular checkups. Make sure you’re seeing your doctor regularly to check your overall physical health. This helps you in preventing any possible illnesses. 
  8. Take your supplements regularly. My top daily vitamins must-have is Vitamin C, D, and Zinc. These immune boosters help me a great deal. My fave Zinc supplement is by vimergy.com
  9. Wash and sanitize hands regularly. Washing and sanitizing hands at least once every hour could reduce the risk of passing bacteria, germs, or viruses. Make sure to follow the 20-second rule in washing hands with antibacterial hand soap and sanitize it with alcohol with at least 70% alcohol solution. 
  10. Keep a positive mindset. Don’t forget that mental health plays a vital role in your overall health; thus, keeping a positive disposition in life will significantly help you day by day. Like instead of thinking about what you don’t have, focus on the things you are grateful for, but I understand there will be low times, and all you want to do is cry and eat a slice of cake; that’s fine. Allow yourself to breathe and have your moment but remember not to stay there but pick yourself up after you have your moment.  

In this time where almost everything is given to us, all the conveniences due to technological advances, we often neglect the basics like the importance of getting physical and eating healthy food, and the pandemic taught us to get back on this best health practices, and I hope most people will embody this and continue to make all of these habits regardless of the pandemic. I didn’t add this to the above.

During this pandemic, always always wear a mask when you are around those who are not in your household. Not only it’s helping you and the others stay safe, but it’s a sign of showing neighborly love and respect. 

Be sure to follow my wellness/fitness account @jtorryfit for bits of motivations.

Keep safe and healthy, beauties! 


Jenny Torry

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