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“I’m a strong woman because I was raised by a strong woman”

by Jenny

It’s with great pain that I announced last week on my socials that my mother passed away and I wanted to honor her with this blog, share with you a glimpse of my Mom’s story, how she was an amazing mother, grandma and a friend to all. 

It’s with a heavy and broken heart that I write this. When someone you love has fallen asleep in death, you have no control but to fall on your knees and feel the painful stabs of emotion that comes with this tragedy. Many of you may know that I took care of my mother for the last few years. She moved into my home about two years ago. Last June, she was diagnosed with liver cancer. That’s when I looked at the world differently. I realized that I wasn’t guaranteed my time with my mother. I distinctly remember getting the call from her doctor when we were on my family vacation trip in New York. We were on tour at the World Headquarters of Jehovah’s Witnesses in Warwick. I was on the balcony overlooking these beautiful mountains and started to weep. So many thoughts ran through my head. I couldn’t believe I would lose my mother.

I had already lost my father and my son Maddox, and I couldn’t bear losing my mother. Immediately when we got home, I already had plans to take my Mom to get her liver cancer treated through homeopathic therapy as my mother had decided that she didn’t want any Chemo or radiation treatments. That following week I took her to Houston and started the weekly biomagnetic treatment along with quality homeopathic/holistic care; the rest is history. I’ve been fighting along with her ever since then and being her advocate every step of the way. I’ve learned so much and truly believed it all helped her as it improved the quality of her life and lengthen her lifespan. Although the cancer didn’t technically spread, my Mom had suffered from vascular dementia. Unfortunately, dementia had no cares and literally took over within a few months. We didn’t realize how progressive this diagnosis was and that she was suffering from this for the last two years. The illness consumed her fast. It removed some of her memories, limited her motor skills, and made her weak day by day. Every day she struggled, but she was still a fighter to the very end. I’m forever grateful that I could fulfill my promise to my father that I made to him 18 years ago that I would take care of Mom no matter what. It was also my Mom’s wish that she wanted to pass away at home in my house. After I had a long talk with her and my husband and I prayed with her, she gave me her very last breath at 1:15 am Nov 26th in my home with my husband. I still can’t believe she’s not with us anymore. 

Looking back, I don’t know how I manage to do it all. I knew I had to push myself for my family. You all may know I wear many hats while running multiple businesses and running my household. I still managed to take good care of my mother. I’m thankful for my team as well. Through it all, I have to say it wasn’t easy by any means, but I have no regrets.

I wanted to take a moment and talk about how inspirational and amazing my mother was and honor her by sharing her story.

My Mom played a huge part in my life. I wouldn’t be where I am without her. She has instilled the foundation of values, endurance, love, work ethic, faith, and heart. She has done so much for me, and I couldn’t thank her enough. She’s a loving, caring, and giving person, and anyone who knew her would tell how selfless she indeed was. She taught Milan and myself importance of laughter and wellness. She would show by example of how working out was important. Milan has always had her grandma with her and I feel so bad for Milan to process losing someone close to her so early. We all miss her so much.

My family’s story on how they came to America was inspirational to say the least. My Mom was the true meaning of a strong, compassionate, faith-driven, selfless woman. She was strong and our everlasting protector not only when we were young, but to this date. 

Back in the 1970s. My father and mother led 7 of my brother and sisters through the dangerous Mekong river to escape the perilous situations and war in Laos. Not to mention my family had to dodge bullets as they all travel across the river to get over. Thanks to Jehovah no one got hurt. She and my father raised my family temporarily in a refugee camp in Thailand. My Father and Mother struggled get our family to America to give us the best life possible. She was resilient and strong to raise 7 of my brother and sister and had me at an older age. Not only did she take care of our family but she frequently took care of other families and friends.   It touches me deeply on the type of person she is and I now see where I got my heart from.

With a torn heart, I ponder and recollect on all the memories and things I’m grateful for. I realize how blessed I am to have a mother like her and for my daughter to have an amazing grandma. Mom was an amazing grandma to Milan. She loved Milan so much, and toward the end of her life, she would give special attention to Milan. I will undoubtedly miss her big smile and contagious laugh. I can hear it as it echoes in my quiet thoughts throughout the days. 

One of my favorite things about her that I’ll miss is getting home after a long work day. She’s there excited to ask me how’s my day, and I would show her all my bride’s makeover, and her reaction was always priceless. I wish I could have recorded it. She was still shocked and astonished every time how my Indian brides would dress so elaborately and how beautiful my work was on them. It felt so good and always meant a lot to me, knowing that she had always been there for me and was so proud of me. 

That’s why I had to write this special blog and express how much I love and appreciate her. She’s the reason I am enjoying what I have achieved so far. I’m thankful that my mom had a huge part of taking care of my daughter. I can see so much of my mom in her and extremely grateful that my daughter and I can continue living her legacy. I’m soooo looking forward to seeing her, my father and precious Maddox soon. Faith and bibles promises helps me to continue on and to persevere.

I know the show must go on in my business, but the show can’t go on once you read my foundation, and I’m thankful you’re reading an importance piece of me.  My strength and grit isn’t normal and I have to say I owe it to my mother. I got it from her and I chose to develop it with faith, positivity and endurance. It’s true, I can say I’m a strong woman because I was raised by a strong woman.

In Loving Memory of My Mother Mai Vongdara

I created and dedicated an impressive website for my mother, and you can read her obituary and more on www.maivongdara.com. My brother made a special video for my Mom, and I have to share it below.

The warmth of all of the friends means so much. And my mom has touched so many lives and so happy to be able to witness that. Thank you all so much for your prayers, support, and love.

XoXo Jenny

Video made by my Brother David Vongdara. Dedicating this to my Mother Mai Vongdara.

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