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What does it take to become a successful Makeup Artist?

by Jenny

Professional makeup artistry is truly a fun and incredible job. In my 15 years in this industry, I can definitely say that it’s extremely satisfying and rewarding but at the same time requires a lot of effort to be a successful one. Here are some of the important tips that you need to take note of if you’re a hundred percent sure that the makeup profession is what you’ll love to do for the rest of your life: 

Keep Practicing. Even the most skilled and talented makeup artists never let their passion get rusty. Even if there are no bookings, allot some time to practice and try new makeup trends. You have to practice at least once a week.

Do pro bono makeup gigs. Earning from our profession is our goal but giving your service for free or trade for time is something you should consider especially if you are an amateur or aspiring makeup artist. Pro bono makeup gigs for a wedding, modeling shoot, fashion show, and other events that you could think of, and give your free makeup service in exchange for photography or images is a great platform to practice your craft and build your portfolio. This is also a great opportunity for you to get known and land to a paying break. 

Grab any opportunity and build your portfolio. As long as your schedule can meet the makeup job requirements, don’t say no. This is another way for you to build your portfolio and your network. 

Network yourself to the right niche. If you decide to focus on a certain makeup profession niche like for example weddings, make sure to involve yourself, reach out, network, and be friendly to other wedding suppliers especially wedding planners. Being genuinely nice to them will help you get referred to potential clients. 

Boost your presence online. Digital platform is your cheapest way to advertise yourself. Make sure you present your brand image as accommodating and not intimidating. 

Have the right mindset and attitude. If there’s one thing that you should never forget it’s the right mindset and attitude that defines your brand image. Yes you know it’s your passion but the road is always not easy and you can easily stumble, there will be clients who will not be the easiest to deal with but if you condition yourself to be great on your craft and develop a very positive disposition and balance your attitude towards work it’ll give you a less stressful journey to success. 

Enroll in a Makeup academy. You can be talented, yes you are for sure. You already know how to do makeup, you already have some clients. You’re earning decently already but getting yourself trained and certified by a makeup school means more opportunities and higher income. Yes, you heard it right! Most certified professional makeup artists charge higher rates, and that’s because they get professional training that others don’t have. Makeup school is not cheap but certainly worth your bucks. And most importantly most clients prefer professionally trained makeup artists because they are more comfortable that the work will be done professionally and technically beautiful. 

It is very important as well to choose what makeup school you’re going to. Choose the one with credibility, social proof, and promotes values that align with yours. Choose a mentor who is known to be successful with her craft for many years and proven to be the client’s top choice in the makeup industry by this way you can guarantee that every penny you pay is worth it. Just like, JTorry Makeup Academy, the institution I founded to provide makeup education for all aspiring makeup artists like you, to teach not only technical skills and best practices but also to help you feel confident about your artistry skills and to pass on the legacy I started as a professional makeup artist and make your own dream a reality.

There’s no easier path to success for any profession but if you are more than willing to take all the risks and difficulties along the way, you’ll surely get your dream. I hope these simple tips can help you land a fruitful career in the makeup industry. Keep on learning and see you in the makeup scene! 

You can check www.jtorrymakeupacademy.com or follow us on Instagram- @jtorrymakeupacademy to learn more about our program. 

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