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My Top 5 Pink/Mauve/Nude Lip Colors for South Asian Brides

by Jenny

For most of my bridal career, I’ve specialized in South Asian brides. I’ve worked hard to gain their trust and I am genuinely thankful for not only the bride’s trust but also the trust of their family. Bridal makeup is very important to not just the bride, but to the family as well. It’s a family affair. One thing that stands out about this ethnicity is their gorgeous array of skin tones. I absolutely love enhancing their natural beauty and highlighting their features. There are many aspects of the makeup that are important, but for this blog, I will focus and discuss my top Pinkish/Mauve/Lip colors for my South Asian brides. 

One of the most requested lip colors from my South Asian clients is pinkish/nudish color.  From my extensive experience, I have found that lip color is intensely personal meaning that pink/nude can be interpreted differently and vary from one bride to another. When my client requests pinkish/nude, they usually follow that by stating they want a pinkish/nude that will suit their skin tone, and that still shows up in pictures. To be honest, there are three main factors that I have to consider when it comes to pink/nude lip color: their interpretation, what flatters on their skin tones, and the overall look they are going for. Most medium to deep skin tones look best with some mauve/rose infused into the pink/nude lip color so it can pop well in pictures and to their bridal look liking. Additionally, something to keep in mind is that everyday pink/nude is different from bridal pink/nudes. Most of my brides don’t want to wear the exact nudes they wear everyday for their events. That being said, I will narrow the list down and give you my top 5 bridal pink/mauve/nude lip combos for my South Asian brides and clients.

Makeup and Hair by Jenny Torry
Photo by Ivy Weddings

These pink/nude/mauve suit many of my Indian/Pakistani brides. These combinations are going to be lip liners plus the complimenting lip shades. I’m not going to lie, it does take at least 3 to 4 lip combos to get the right shade for my brides. So don’t be afraid to mix and match these shades to see what works best for you. Starting off with the right lip liner base shade will help you to choose. I like to fill the lip in with lip liner first then apply lipstick as it helps make the lipstick last longer.

Top 5 Pink/Mauve/Nude Bridal Lip shades

1. Zippy lip liner by Morphe + Velvet Teddy by Mac Cosmetic (Pinky/Mauve/Nude) (Light to Medium skin tones)

2. Soar lip liner by Mac Cosmetics + Mehr Lipstick by Mac Cosmetics ( if you want a little dimension you can add a little Yash Lipstick by Mac in the center. (Pinky Mauve) *Soar is my Fave Lip Liner (Light to Medium Skin Tones)

3. Whirl Lip liner by Mac Cosmetics +  Lovely Lip cream by Moira for pinky nude or Delicate Lip cream by Moira for a browny nude hint of pink (Light-Medium to Medium/Deep skin tones)

4. Crush Liner by Morphe  + Twig by Mac Cosmetic (Mauve Pink) (Medium to deeper tones)

5. Half Red Lip liner by Mac Cosmetic + Single AF by Morphe (Deeper Mauve pink lip) (Deeper tones.)   I will just outline the lip liner only and fill the rest of the lip with the lipstick and blend the two. 

Photo by Ivy Weddings

I love a nude lip with just applying lip gloss in the center. My favorite lip gloss is Oyster girl by Mac Cosmetics. I love how it lasts and it has a pretty color when it’s on. I only apply this in the center of the lip to give a pouty lip.  

Tip:  If you ever feel that the lip shade is too light for you, go back and line your lips with a darker shade of pink or brown liner to frame the lips. This will give your lips more depth and dimension.

And if you don’t want any mauve or rose in your lipstick then you want to stick with a brown liner like Sweet Tea Morphe, KKW Beauty Nude 2 Liner, Sugar Pie Liner by Morphe, and fill lips in with a Lighter/Medium pink tone/brown tone lipstick.

I hope you find the above information helpful. If you did please let me know!

Be sure to comment below and let me know what your favorite bridal pink/mauve nude shades. I would love to try it!

Feel free to check out more of my gorgeous South Asian Brides on my Instagram or website.

Thanks for stopping by friend! Talk to you soon! 


Jenny Torry 

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