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How to apply foundation flawlessly – Using the Belly Button Blender

by Jenny

Have you ever gotten frustrated because of how cakey your foundation looks or how your concealer cakes up under your eyes? 

You may be feeling hopeless as you have tried everything to achieve that smooth and flawless, natural-looking foundation.  Guess what?  You are not the only one!  In fact, foundation application is the number one complaint I get from my students and from the everyday women not seeing a smooth foundation application when they apply foundation to themselves. 

It is important to note that part of the flawless application is due to the technique and product.  But 50% of the flawless application depends solely on what beauty tools you are using to apply the product.   Now, with telling you that information, what if I told you that there was a beauty tool that can assist you with the flawless application, and you will actually enjoy using it?

Let me introduce you to the Belly Button Blender. However, before I tell you more about the features of this amazing product, let me tell you more about why I named this tool the Belly Button Blender.

If you know me well then you know my obsession with my miracle daughter, Milan Snow.  I have several nicknames for her, which are actually incorporated  in all of my JTorry Beauty products because she was my inspiration for my beauty line. She is truly a miracle as she is a Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia survivor.  She has overcome 12 surgeries in her lifetime.  One of the scars that was left behind is near her belly button.  I’ve always told her that her scars make her super special and her belly button is so cute.  

Positive affirmations is something I encourage her to do daily so that she is taught self-love and to love her body at an early age.  This confidence is something I promote within my JTorry brand and service.  

My hope is that with my JTorry beauty products I am able to inspire my customers and provide the tools that are user friendly and I know that will work to give you the confidence needed to create your flawless makeup look.

Without further adieu, here is a video on how I use the Belly Button Blender.  Make sure you take notes or even follow along with the video.

PS this is my first tutorial video on myself. I honestly prefer doing makeup on clients but I’m here and I will get better with time. I hope you enjoy, thanks for watching! ( Be sure to subscribe to my youtube channel too.

Belly Button Blender features:

The Belly Button Blender is ergonomically designed to suit every contour of your face for impeccable, streak-free application of cosmetics; making it the ultimate makeup application tool. Use the Belly Button Blender to apply and blend your liquid/powder foundations, concealers, contours, liquid blush and so much, more. 

How to Use

It’s best to use the blender when it’s damp. Do not use it when it’s soaking wet. 

1. Wet your blender with water completely

2.  Squeeze out all of the excess water. (Tip: You can squeeze out the excess water by using a paper towel) 

3. It’s ready to use. (Pro Tip: Always clean your blender before applying a new session of makeup. 

How to Clean: 

Wash and lather your blender with your fave soap, and squeeze out the old makeup residue under running water from your previous usage. Be sure to continue this process until all the soap suds and makeup residue is completely gone, and the Belly Button Blender is completely clean. Squeeze out any excess water. Air out the clean and damp blender on a towel to allow it to dry properly. 

(Tip: Be careful not to dig your nails into the Belly Button Blender when squeezing and cleaning it. )

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Illiam Blas September 11, 2020 - 5:16 am

I love how everything you do in your beauty brand is tied to Princess Milan. She’s so blessed to have you as her awesome mom!


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