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A note to our Bailey Boy – Our Jack Russel Terrier

by Jenny

To my loving Bailey boy,

I brought you home at eight weeks old.  Now, Fourteen years later, one of my deepest fears since has come true. I knew one day I’d have to face this deep heartache. I still remember every time my mom taunted me that you’re going to die at ten years old (like a true blunt Asian mother does), but I know she was simply trying to prepare me for this day. The day I lost my Bailey boy.

I always tried to be a good mom to you by loving you and protecting you since that first day I brought you home. I tried to make sure you were taken care of well and you were comfortable. I always made sure the gates and doors were closed so you couldn’t run out. My heart would skip a beat if I knew you could be in any possible danger. Every day, I loved you wholeheartedly and gave you everything I could, and you gave me plenty, too.

I am so thankful to you! I’m thankful for your glowing and funny personality. I’m thankful for every laugh you gave us and every time you were by my side, no matter where I was in the house. I’m thankful for your constant presence during outcries, prayers and pain. Thankful for always being there when I felt all alone. I’m thankful for your patience in bringing your baby sister, Milan home from Houston, and I’m especially thankful for the love you shared with her and your baby brother, Maddox. I’m thankful for your beautiful presence and your unconditional love you gave all of us.

While you passed away from recent diagnoses of diabetes and pancreatitis, you truly lived a full, healthy, fourteen years and enjoyed every minute of your life. We were so blessed to be able to take care of you, and I’m proud of your long life. Thank you for being in our family, and for the fourteen years of unconditional love.

I love you, and I’m blessed to have the time we shared. There won’t ever be another

Bailey Cooper Torry.

With all my love to my precious, Jack Russell Terrier (JRT),

Jenny Ruth Torry (JRT)

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