What to consider for your Bridal Ready Time?

Your wedding is supposed to be the most beautiful, love-filled, stress-free day of your life. The goal is for you to feel on top of the world, and to make sure you have that experience it’s essential to set your ready time appropriately, so that you have nothing to worry about. Honestly, many brides assume their “ready time” is between 30 minutes to an hour before their wedding event, but this is far from reality. For the most part, brides only get married once and are not able to grasp the full scope to as how their special day will take place. It’s even harder to predict what your mindset will be that day, and you don’t want to risk missing any details that could cause you anxiety on your special day. 

The last thing I want brides to experience is freaking out the day of her wedding, sitting there, and beating herself up for setting her ready time so late. She’s rushing to put her dress on because she didn’t account for that time in her schedule. Her event is at 4 PM and she’s sitting in the chair frustrated, and her adrenaline is spiking, and at 3:30, still getting her makeup and hair done. Worst of all, she realizes she missed the classic getting ready, fun pictures with her bridesmaids, where they are \laughing, and enjoying the day. 

Photo by Bellalumi
Makeup & Hair By JTorry Makeup & Hair Artistry LLC.

My mission is to help brides feel calm and stress-free when getting their hair and makeup done. That’s why I like to discuss the ready time with the bride before her actual wedding date, and understand what she wants realistically, and work to accomplish it. Usually, I take a total of 6 hours to do a whole bridal party, no matter the size. My JTorry team is always there to help accordingly. For a bride alone, I typically set aside 3-4 hours so she is completely done from head to toe. The brides I work with sometimes feel like this is way too much time, but I believe in it’s better safe than sorry. And, this gives us enough time to make sure getting ready feels like the real party! After all, who doesn’t love getting their hair and makeup done? So when you’re deciding when to get ready, there are some crucial points to consider:

  1. Consider your Event (Ceremony) time. 
  2. Consider your ” getting ready” location, and the event location. For example, if you are getting ready in a hotel that is very busy, and your venue or chapel is 30 mins away, consider not just the traffic, but also the extra time it takes for things like the valet to respond. You want to add an additional 15-20 minutes to your planned time for unexpected delays. 
  3. Also, consider any prior events that may take place prior to your ceremony starting, such as if you will be praying with your family before the ceremony.
  4. Think about if you want to take pictures with your bridal party in your robes. This determines when your photographer should get there and also the amount of time you need before and after to get ready. The last thing you want to do is rush the makeup and hair artist and the time for this hasn’t been factor in.
  5. What time should your photographer come? It’s best for photographer to come toward the end where you (the bride) is close to being done. There’s no need for a photographer to come when the makeup artist comes. You want pictures when you have makeup at least on and few touches of your hair, etc. I find that when the photographer comes and the bride isn’t close to getting ready, the bride’s anxiety begins to kick in and she starts getting nervous. Again, the most important thing is that the bride is not stressed, and when I’m doing the bride’s makeup I want her to feel as calm as possible, enjoy and make memories. She should be able to soak in all the laughs and the quiet moments & reflect on her big day and her happiness. ( Tip: make sure you have your shoes, jewelry, veil out ready for the photographer so when they come in they can start capturing your details without you running around looking and gathering it together while your makeup artist is waiting for you to sit back down) 
  6. Consider how long it takes to put your dress on. If you have a corset dress, the ribbons in the back of the dress can take 30 mins to 45 mins especially when nerves are running high. Be sure you have practiced the corset and have a designated person to help you get dressed, especially if you have a corset dress.
  7. Consider if you want to get shots of your Mother or your best friend getting your ready or zipping up your dress in the back. You want to make sure that your mother or best friend who will be in the shot start getting ready first so they are completely ready before you so to help you get ready for the “dressing” shot” . This can take up to 30 mins or so to get all the details that you may not think of like putting on your earrings, reading your man’s card, opening his gift, putting on your shoes. All these moments take time and time for your to soak them in. It’s an once in a life time experience for the most of you.
  8. It’s important to remember your veil, so before the makeup or hair artist leave be sure to ask her how to put on your veil or ask her to help you, if needed. (Tip: Make sure you have scissors on hand to cut any tags off your wedding dress or veil. Looking for a scissors can be a task in it self. Try not to ask your makeup artist for her scissors because she uses it to cut lashes and through the years it gets dull from cutting all the veils tags. I’m just the messenger for all of the makeup artist out there lol #PSA)
  9. Consider if you want to get ready earlier so you can have your first look with your fiancee. For several years now, brides are doing first looks at a designated place instead of down the aisle. So if you’re that bride, please consider that you want to be ready much earlier than your event. If you are doing a first look near the venue, then you want to make sure that it’s way prior to your guest arriving. The last thing you want is to have guests see you before your event.
  10. You want to consider time for your and your bridal party eat as well. Make sure the bridal party is fed and have water, fruits or protein trays available that is easily assessable. Don’t forget to take care of your Makeup/Hair Artist team, especially when they have worked so hard to help you and your party to feel beautiful. Any sweet gesture goes a long way.
  11. If your sugar is dropping, bananas will be your best friend. I know the last thing you want to do is eat, but you don’t know how many brides thank me for the banana. It helps them to come back to life in the midst of chaos.
  12. If you have a bridal party, you also want to consider the time it takes for your makeup artist and her team to clean and sanitize their makeup brushes and stations between bridesmaids or family members’ services. This time frame can take either 5 mins to 15 mins. Not to mention bathroom breaks they may have. 
  13. Considering that your makeup & hair artist have worked so hard to get you ready. Allot some time for her to capture your look without feeling rushed, as emotions are evident in the pictures. 
  14. Lastly, you want to have wiggle room for any emergency. 30 mins or an hour of buffer time allows you to enjoy your day and relax about the details. When you are rushing, it takes the joy out of what should be the most wonderful day of your life. Trust me, I’ve seen enough stressed out brides to know. 🙂

Your ready time can make or break your whole day! Setting it appropriately will allow you to make wonderful memories of getting ready with your bridesmaids. Most importantly, give you enough extra time to have a stress-free day. Plan ahead well, take care of yourself and your wedding party, trust your makeup and hair artist, and most of all, be sure to relax and enjoy your day. You deserve it; it’s YOUR special day!


Jenny Torry

Photo by Hubert Huy
Makeup & Hair by JTorry Makeup & Hair Artisty LLC

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