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Working as a Makeup Artist during a Pandemic

by Jenny

Whether you’re new to the bridal makeup industry or you’ve been here for a while, COVID-19 has brought a new world that we’re all struggling to navigate. Many makeup artists may be afraid that there’s less business to go around – after all, we can’t exactly practice social distancing when we’re working. 

Back to the earliest part of mankind’s existence there are two certainties in life: people eat and get married.  A lot has changed since then, but people sure do still get married (and they definitely still eat)! In the midst of the pandemic, marriage is a constant & the demand for makeup artists is as present as ever. Times are scary and safety is more important than ever. It’s important for us to be as safe as possible and do everything we can to ensure the peace of mind for ourselves and for our clients. Here’s a few tips to help you and your clients feel safe, empowered and beautiful during these uncertain times:

  • Safety & cleanliness. People are going to be wary, now more than ever, of someone being in the close proximity to their face that makeup requires. As makeup artists, it’s very important that we not only make sure the person in the chair feels comfortable, but it should be our priority to practice proper infection control. To do this, we have to think ahead and be proactive. Make it a habit by sanitizing our hands (preferably washing our hands) and cleaning/disinfecting our station, kit before and after each service. And of course, it’s essential to be physically prepared by wearing a face mask, gloves, goggles, and apron. If goggles doesn’t work for you, then another option is a face shield. I highly recommend pairing this with a face mask, because with a face shield alone the air you breathe can travel below the mask and reach others and reach you as well. Some feel that the least they can do is wear a mask, but when you think about it, when an artist is 8 inches away from the client and the client is talking they are transmitting micro specs of saliva that can easily go into your eyes. It’s obvious that an artist have to protect their eyes as well. Keep in mind to never touch your face, eyes, or mouth until you have wash your hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds. Be sure not to touch the front part of the mask once you are working. Once it’s time to remove the mask it’s best to remove it from the ear loop instead of grabbing from the front of the mask. You want to throw the disposable mask away and immediately wash your hands.
  • Cleaning and disinfecting is essential. More than anything, being prepared for COVID-19 requires discipline in sanitation and infection control practices. When it comes to our work place, station, door knobs, anything that is being touched should be clean and disinfected. Remember we cannot disinfect non porous items. We need to disinfect with an EPA-registered product like Barbicide. ( Please visit the website so you can learn more in depth on how to properly disinfect) You want to do this for scissors, spatulas, pencil sharpeners, the table top you are working on, makeup chair – anything that is a non porous item or area that you are using between clients. Clean and wipe down your makeup bottle, your cell phone, table everything that is being touched before providing service to the next client. Never double dip into any cream products and use disposable mascara wands and spatulas when using such products. To conserve some of your brush usage, use disposable sponges. Use Cinema Secrets Makeup Brush cleaner to clean and sanitize your brushes in between clients. You can take it a step further by placing your brushes in a UV light sterilizer box , which will help eliminate any germs and pathogens. Always carry hand sanitizer in your kit. Never touch your face, eyes or mouth until you wash your hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds. Wash your hands with soap and water or at least 20 seconds between clients. This is more effective than using hand sanitizer only.
  • Keep learning.  I highly recommend everyone in the beauty field to take this certification course that is provided by Barbicide. Through the free educational short course you will learn the importance of why you should practice infection control and how you can do so. They provide further insight on how to disinfect properly with EPA registered product. Once you have taken and past the course, you will\ receive a certificate that you can show your clients how seriously you are taking safety precautions. Educate yourself on knowing how to properly wear a mask and how to properly wear gloves. Be proactive and find ways you can be more efficient while still maintaining infection control. You can proactively find ways to do this with your kit as each time you repack and clean/organize your kit. Always stay up to date with your state-board regulations and also the CDC regulations and recommendations.
  • Client Communication. It’s important to communicate with your client before the actual appointment, so that everyone is on the same page. Especially regarding the precautionary measures both parties are taking and what is expected. This will provide you as the artist and the client added peace of mind.
  • Take care of yourself. For us to do our job well, it’s most important for us to take care of ourselves first. Make sure you’re staying hydrated & taking vitamins to keep your immune system strong. By taking care of yourself, you’re taking care of your clients, family and your business!

These simple practices aren’t just essential to keeping everyone safe, they can also help grow your business in a time where people feel more hesitant interacting with others. Think from a client’s point of view – walking into a makeup session and seeing your makeup artist with face mask, face shield, and a clean makeup kit will give you the reassurance you need to feel taken care of. Your client will feel safe & comfortable knowing that you’re doing everything you can. But more importantly, applying these safety practices will help you trust yourself and show respect to your clients. Being safe & prepared will help you feel more at ease with your job, and allow you to keep doing what you love – helping women feel gorgeous and empowered on the most important days of their lives!

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Stay safe and well,

Jenny Torry

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