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Enhancing our Sanitation Course at the JTorry Makeup Academy

by Jenny

With the COVID-19 Pandemic still spreading like wildfire, we have taken the extra measure to learn how to take proper precautions with sanitation. We have now enhanced our sanitation program from our Academy students, which will allow you to feel a level of comfort when working with clients. It will also give your client’s a level of comfort knowing that you have been properly trained on the proper techniques of thorough sanitation and sterilization of your equipment.

Our goal is to ensure that everyone is protected, and to reduce any exposure of contamination. Safety does not compromise our artistry as long as we are thinking two steps ahead.

In our Professional Makeup Kit , we are adding Face mask and goggles or face shields in the Professional makeup kit as well.

We will be introducing our enhanced sanitation program at our upcoming June Makeup Academy course. Our upcoming course will take place in July & August. Both months are open for enrollment.

July 8 Day – 32 Hour Professional Makeup Certification Course 

Week 1:  July 20, 21, 23     10 AM to 2 PM OR Evening (6 PM to 10 PM)

Week 2:  July 27, 28 29    10 AM to 2 PM OR Evening (6 PM to 10 PM)
Week 3:  Aug 3 & 4        10 AM to 2 PM    OR Evening (6 PM to 10 PM)

August 8 Evening – Schedule: 32 Hour Professional Makeup Certification Course

Week 1: August 3, 5, 6         6 PM to 10 PM
Week 2:  August 10,12,13   6 PM to 10 PM
Week 3:  August 17, 19       6 PM to 10 PM

For more information, please visit our JTorry Makeup Academy site. You can access our registration forms, learn more about our courses and our instructor, Jenny Torry.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

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