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All about Skin Care

by Jenny

This has been a highly requested topic, and I wanted to spend some time going into detail in hopes that I can help someone who may be struggling with their own skin problems. Along with the decade experience of providing makeup services, I had to work and problem solved my way through the various challenging skin types in order to provide a flawless foundation application. Within the several passing years, many of my past brides have consulted and trusted me to provide the proper directions on how to take care of their skin, which helps make my job easier for their big day.  I have always said to drink water, but I’ve come to learn that more is needed in order to have better skin. 

Through my own personal experience, I’ve come to learn that this is a journey, which requires a lot of patience and self-love.  As any journey you have undertaken, you need to be proactive.  This means learning about your own personal nutrition, health and more about what works for you through research.  With that being said, something that may work for me, may not work for you.  Just a reminder, be proactive and try to find out what really works for you, and then you will find solutions that will help you feel more comfortable in your own skin.

There is only so much I can share on an IG post or story, and truly hope you find this to be helpful. Before I begin, I wanted to put it out there that the content in this post is not sponsored by any of the companies. They’re products that I’ve tried myself

Here is a little bit more about my background. I grew up with acne and I still working on the balance act of adult acne today.  I remember at the age of 12, my forehead was getting so oily and I had horrible bumps and eventually it came down to the rest of my face.  I remember my mom would try to help me by giving me different types of Asian soaps.  Throughout my teenage years, I would pick at my skin which resulted in me receiving small to medium sized craters and large pores. I became very self-conscious about this issue growing up. Now at the age of 37, I finally feel like I have come to understand my skin and body better through trial and error. I hope this article that I wrote for you will help you with your skin journey which in turn help you feel more confident in your own skin… literally.

Before you start anything new, always start at the base line and figure out what you haven’t tried. Your baseline is what you currently have been doing, so when you add a new product or regimen, you are able to identify if the product is working for you or not.

My suggestion is to add one product at a time, one week apart before trying another product. Tools and Products can be combined. If you have an allergic reaction to something, then please do not keep applying it on your skin.  Don’t give up or be frustrated, be proactive and find a solution.  A lot of the products I provide below will require a commitments meaning you have to be committed to taking care of your skin.  If you don’t take care of your skin properly and aren’t tune with it, it won’t be taking care of itself.  Be committed meaning you will stick to it, invest in yourself, and see what works for you. You know your skin the best. 

You will notice this blog post is geared toward those who want to address their skin type that has been bothering them. I know it’s pretty long. The reason why it’s long is because I covered all of the questions that came in through my Instagram and I wanted to make sure I addresses all of your concerns. Please be sure to read to the bottom and hopefully you can find a skin type that you can relate with and find helpful suggestions. Please note, I will continue to search for new products that work for different skin types and will definitely share them with you. I’ll be sure to share them on my Jtorry Blog. Be sure to subscribe to my blog for updates. 

Important Daily Skin Care Routine: 

1. Wash your face with your favorite cleanser

2. Tone your face (this will provide pH balance and/or also cleanse off any oils, residue that the cleanser didn’t catch)

3. Apply serum (optional) any product that delivers a potent shot of ingredients directly into your skin

4. Apply eye cream  (optional, but a must for dehydrated under eyes) 

5. Apply moisturizer (some moisturizer have may SPF included)

 6. Apply SPF/Sunscreen 

Weekly Skin Routine:

Mask (1 to 2 times a week) 

Exfoliating (2 times a week)

Home Light Therapy (3 times a week) 

Favorite esthetician professional in office facials/procedures: Hydra facial, Dermaplaning, Microneedling. Consult with your esthetician and see what she recommends for you. Check back and I’ll update this post and give recommendation on where to go here in the Dallas-Fort Worth Area.

Important Tips to Help With Breakouts

1. Wash your pillowcase and change it every other day (or at least 1x week). You can always flip it over each day.  However, you’ll have oil built up from hair, sweat, and your skin and this will transfer onto your face and can potentially make you break out.  Honestly, I do not do this all the time because I am too lazy to do this, but I do notice I get new friends on my face when I don’t.

2. Wash your hands before touching your face. Avoid touching your face throughout the day. The oils and bacterial from your hands will transfer onto your face and the same story will repeat.

3. Wash your makeup brushes. Don’t use the same face brush from the previous day as the used/ dirty brushes harbor bacteria; and it will no doubt go on your face.

4. Use a makeup remover before washing your face.  This helps your face wash do it’s job better. 

5. When washing your face, you want to lather your face and focus on your oily T- Zone, and wash 20 to 30 seconds. It’s like washing your hands with soap for 3 seconds and not getting rid of your germs. Your have to wash your hands for 20 seconds, so it can be effective right? The same is true when we wash our face. We have to keep that in mind to get the full effect of washing our face with a cleanser. Make sure it’s not too much longer than, otherwise it will be too much and irritate your skin.

 6. When it’s time to dry your face, softly pat your face gently with a towel. A lot of times we like to wipe and dry our face with a towel which can lead to further irritation to our skin. 

Below are a list of my favorite products.


Fave face wash for Acne Prone/Oily Skin: 

La Roshe Posay Gel Acne Face Wash

Moira Purifying Charcoal Cleanser

Face wash for Normal/Dry Skin:

Moira Moisture Capture Whipping Cleanser


When using a toner, always use a 100% cotton round and apply the toner with it. Toner is important to add to your skin routine, as it helps restore the PH Balance level to your skin, it helps pick up any dirt left over from what the cleanser didn’t wash away, it helps with pores, and it refreshes.

Fave Toners:

Toners for acne/oily skin 

LA ROCHE-POSAY – EFFACLAR CLARIFYING SOLUTIONS This helps target clogged pores and smooths skin texture. This prevents you from getting any further breakout by cleaning any left over dirt and product that the cleanser didn’t pick up. It’s pretty amazing for oily, combo and acne prone skin.

I also love both Moira Toner. It’s great for redness, sensitive, normal, dry, combination oily skin types.

Toners for Dry, Redness and normal skin

Moira Calming Toner – Great for those who have redness, inflamed skin, sensitive skin.

Moira Ultra Restore Toner The aroma of this toner smells really nice. You will no doubt love it. It’s great for all skin types and especially sensitive skin.


My all time go to toner for myself will be Dickinson’s Witch Hazel Astringent. I’ve been using this for years and it’s my base line toner. I feel like helps balance my skin and it soothes inflammation Without over drying my faces. Also it picks up leftover dirt that my face wash didn’t wash away. The proof is in the cotton pad. Lol

I always have a back up face wash/toner especially for the times I run out of my favorite product. Trust me I learned the hard way when I run out of face wash or toner and use random stuff my husband have or soap, I literally break out with bumps and have to start my skin journey all over again. Seriously it’s the worst. So always have a back up base line face wash and toner product on hand. So you have something on handle while you wait for your favorite face wash or toner to come in.


No matter how oily your skin is, you have to moisturize your skin. I love Moira Skincare facial Cream for all skin types. I use this on all my clients and myself. Dry oily, redness, you name it’s good. Moira Skincure Facial Cream

I’ve always been a fan of dermalogica since my aesthetician referred it to me years ago, They have a great line for anti aging and acne skin care for adults. Dermalogica Clearing Defense SPF 30


So many Serum on the market. I’ll name my top fave below:

 I love this Hydrogel Collagen Essence spray, it’s so refreshing and you will love it, It’s a must

Institute esthederm E.V.E Serum Source This is a must for acne scars as it promotes collagen, Collagen is the building block of skin.  You want to apply this when you are done with the Roller. This helps build skin on the areas you opened up with the Derma roller. Read further how you can use it with the Derma Roller for Acne Scars.

Vitamin Shoppe – Reviva Labs – Collagen Serum

If you have thick skin, Acne scars, and can handle acid like I can. Then you can try this alone. ROCHE POSAY EFFACLAR SERUM – PORE – REFINING ANTI -AGING SERUM  Honestly I started with this first on my skin journey and I love how smooth and brighter it made my skin look. I bring it out when I don’t want to do any derma roller for the week and I like how it helps my skin. It kinda burns a little just so you know. But I can see a difference in my pores and how tight it felt. If your skin is sensitive and rosacea do not try this.

Vitamin C Serum  

By introducing vitamin C to your skin, you’ll provide a surge of antioxidants that’ll brighten and illuminate the skin. Vitamin C serums will also help lighten any dark spots, so if your skin is prone to hyper pigmentation, make sure you’re using a vitamin C product. For those who have thin skin, or very sensitive skin I would be definitely spot test serum on face.

When apply serum I love using a Jade Roller to help push the product in and help with Lymphatic drainage and help with any clog or congestion.

My top two favorite Vitamin C that I’ve tried is:

Drunken Elephant

Dr Dennis Gross Skincare Vitamin C Serum

Those are pricey. So if you want to try something more budget try the Tree of Life Vitamin C Serum I’ve tried this and it gets the job done well.


I’ve been using this for years and I feel like it doesn’t flake and it doesn’t break me out.
Dermalogica Dynamic Skin recover SPF 50

I like using this when I don’t want to wear makeup but have a lil bit of blurring to my pores. 

Dermalogica Skin Perfect Primer

EXFOLIATOR: My all time fave!! Get this, you will thank me later. It’s a must!

Moira Lemon Peel


Derma Roller

It’s a roller with tiny needles on it. It’s not that sharp as you think it will be. You want to roll on the the scars. You don’t want to use the dermaroller on active acne, any infected skin, if you have a history of Keloids, hypertrophic scarring, and or immunosuppression (poor immune system)
How to use: You want to clean/wash your face, then tone. You don’t want to touch your face. You want to be gentle when using your dermaroller. When you you use the roller, you will bring blood flow to the area which produce collagen. When you make the abrasion with the dermaroller, you then want to use the serum. 
Derma Roller

Derma Roller Can also help with defining the chin area as well.

Tips on how to use the Derma Roller:

1. Before you use it and after each use be sure to soak the derma roller in 70 percent isopropyl alcohol for ten minutes. Make sure it’s completely dry before you use it. 

2. Cleanse and tone your face

3. Use gentle strokes going one direction and lifting off before changing direction. So when you make your first small pass, be sure to pick up your derma roller and begin. You want to do a few pass pass one direction on an area/scar. 

4. Apply a repairing serum or usual skin care routine. 

5. Apply the red light therapy to enhance the collagen process

6. Don’t forget to clean your derma roller after usage. 
Be sure to leave time in between the treatment to help your skin to heal to reap the best results. 

Institute esthederm E.V.E Serum Source This is a must for acne scars as it promotes collagen, Collagen is the building block of skin.  You want to apply this when you are done with the Roller. This helps build skin on the areas you opened up with the Derma roller.

Light Therapy

There’s several Lights that you can use to help with your skin. The most popular is red Infrared light Therapy which promotes collagen, helps and reduce inflammation, helps to tighten the skin, helps with fine lines, wrinkles, helps with acne scars, helps with aging, helps with evening skin tones, yes it’s pretty amazing. It even helped me from space out my Botox Visit. Since I’ve been using it for three months and my line hasn’t returned. When using it be sure to wear safety googles.

Also another fave Infrared light Therapy  color is the Blue light which kills an acne-causing bacteria called Propionibacterium acnes or P Acne. 

The light therapy penetrate into the deep skin tissues and stimulates healing and collagen production.

How I got introduce to this was Huda Beauty. Here’s her video back In November 2019
This was when I was ready to start on a journey to get rid of my acne scars (the craters)  Below is the light she recommended: https://quasarmd.com/

The light she recommended was pretty expensive so I wanted to find another one that was more reasonable, and has the same results, which seems to be my goal in the beauty world. Plus I wanted one with a Blue light and Red light. The blue light helps with Bacterial acne.

I found this Hand Held LED Light Therapy that has a 2 min blue light and a 10 min red light. Below is the picture, If you are interested in the one I have which I love. You can purchase the Hand Held LED Light Therapy here and the price is $67.00 plus Sales Tax.

 The one I have is called LED Light Therapy Device. It has a Blue light for two mins, then 10 mins it has the Red Therapy. This light has worked wonders to my skin.

Ice Roller Helps with Large pores, redness, wrinkles, uneven skin tones. Helps with Lymphatic drainage which helps to move toxin from your face. It’s really good for Post Wax, Post, Threading anything that has caused irritation to your skin. You want to keep the Ice roller in the freezer for a few hours or less depending on the instruction on the box.   I feel like this helps almost instantly. You can see how tight your skin looks just with one use. However for long lasting result I would use this every morning after I’ve done my facial routine. You can also use it when you first wake up to help with puffy face. It can help with the chin and neck area as well. Be sure to start at the chin and come down to your chest as it helps with Lymphatic drainage.


Olehenriksen Cold Plunge Pore Mask – I’ve been using this mask for a year and I keep coming back to it. I love how it balance my skin and brightens, tones my pores, helps with my oiliness.

For Dry skin: Try this mask by Moira Sheet Mask.


Olehenriksen Banana Bright Eye Crème

Josie Marin Pure Argan Oil

Active Acne: 
Not going to lie I feel like Adult acne is a balance act. I finally feel like I’m going the right direction. It involves so many elements in our lives that can cause a break out. I plan on doing another blog post that goes in depth about this. But I’ll give you some tips to help dry up some zits here and there and then if you have a bigger acne problem it’s good to find out the root cause of it then we can find a better solution for it.

For the zit , the best thing that dries it up is the Clean and Clear Persa Gel Benzoyl. This cream dries up the pimple flare quickly. I remember I had recommend this to a bride who was freaking out with her zit.  I  told her to try this and she was thankful it shrunk it down for the wedding day. It’s very drying so if you have a huge legion on your face, then I don’t know if I would use this. But if you have like cystic acne or like a big zit you need to shrink down then this is what I go to. This helps cut down the life of a pimple by 50%. It’s not going to get rid of your zit the next day but you will notice it will slowly go down faster than usual. 

You may want to keep the Acne Pimple Master Patch on hand to help with the stubborn zit. It works really well to break down that zit and get it out faster than normal.

When you have acne that covers a large area of the face or have chronic cystic acne in a large area of the face, then Realistically we have to look beyond the surface and see the root cause of this. This takes time and patience. 
Anything you try on your face, you have to try it in layers, which means you can’t use two NEW different products at the same time, because if you have a reaction to it you don’t know which one to eliminate. 
I’ve come to learned that ALL dairy products ( including eggs) cause acne. If you eat that cheese pizza or that milk product, just know a possible zit or a flare up may occur. I know for myself I take that chance when I really want to eat that pizza. This doesn’t apply to normal skin people again. This is for us folks that have our immune compromised meaning our immunity for our skin is lacking. 

Things that can weaken the immune system 

When our immune is compromise then virus or bacteria attacks right? For those who have chronic acne our immunity for our skin isn’t where it’s should be. I learned a lot about this from Medical Medium and his Book. He has several books but the one I read that helped me to see why I was breaking out is the Liver Rescue. It’s life changing for me. Knowing the root cause gives you more insight so you feel like there is hope which can help your frustration and stress. You can learn more by following his IG @MedicalMedium And learn more on his website.

A few things that you may want to look into your life stir that can contribute to acne: too much caffeine, not being properly hydrated, not enough sleep, anger, stress, anxiety and list goes on. It’s good to note that… What can effect me the most may not effect you. For Ex: I love Caffeine and I know when I overdue it will show on my skin, it And it will dehydrate me like no other. Whereas my friend can handle caffeine all day long.  Anyways the point is learn more about your own wellness and have an open mind. I love love talking about wellness and life on my JtorryFit IG page.

I’m sure you heard Zinc helps with Acne. It’s true it does! Also Vitamin A helps with infections. (Typically acne is bacterial) So think about ways You can help strengthen your immunity. By working on the inside as well as working on the outside we will have a higher chance of conquering this battle. Remember those vitamins like Collagens, Lysines, Zinc, Vitamin E, biotin are are all parts of Amino Acids which are building blocks of skin which in turn help build healthy tissues which in turn help with immunity…. our healthy cells. Yes something to think about. 🙂

So what has helped me is Zinc, Cat’s Claw, Lysines and Collagen. I learned Zinc helps heal scar. So more reason to add that to help heal our acne right? Remember when adding vitamin or anything be sure to add one at a time to make sure you know what your not allergic.

Oily Skin 
It means that our skin sebum glam overproduces oil which can lead to break out and bacterial break out. If our skin our our body is dry or skin is dry it will over over produce more oils to compensate for it. Once we are too oily then it’s a breeding ground for bacterial which leads to break out. Balancing act is needed for sure.

It is  good to analyze what we eat that can cause it. In order help with oil sebum production, a healthy balance  of moisturize is important. If your skin isn’t properly moisturized or balanced then the sebum will over produce oil.  If you are overly washing, and striping of your natural oils then sebum will overproduced. Use a high quality face wash. Gently was your face as mentioned above. Wash your face (AM and PM) Max no more than that. Apply moisturize twice a day (AM and PM)
 Your diet has a huge impact on your sebum production -If you eat food high in refined carbohydrates like white bread, white pasta, and high saturated fat this will increase your sebum production. Dairy is not good for your skin 

Since I workout In the middle of the day I would wash my face multiple times, which led me to break out since I was stripping my natural oils. So I would wipe my skin after a workout with Cleansing Towelettes by TN Dickinsons 

This would be helpful because if I didn’t I would drive home sitting in my car on the way home with oily dirty pores which would brew a break out. would drive home sweating and oily. This has kept my break out at bay since the Towelette would clean but wouldn’t over dry my skin.

Help reduce Acne Dark Spot/Scars/Craters 

Vitamin C Serum can help slowly fade dark spots it acne scars. It may take a minute. If you want to try something stronger for old acne scars, I really like this Admire My Skin. It’s pretty strong so be sure to wear sunscreen the next day. Also, follow the directions carefully. Those who have very sensitive thin skin like roscea, I wouldn’t use this on rosace or active acne skin skin. It’s like potent brightening serum acid so it breaks Through and lighten the dark spot and you will notice a difference within a few days. 

If you don’t feel comfortable using any acid then try this route, which I LOVE right now.
This is the steps:1. Exfoliate your face with LEMON peel by Moira, it takes off the dead skin cells from the peel 2. Then use a derma roller on the old scars (not active acne) (make sure you don’t press down on our skin hard, just enough where you feel it. You want to follow the direction on the back of the box.)3. Then apply the Serum4. Then apply the blue light for two minutes then apply the red light for a total of 10 mins. (You want to place it on the areas of the scars, fine lines areas and any area that needs firmness and work to it.)

I put Collagen Peptide powder into my morning shake or snack and it does wonders to my skin. Below is what I used and works for me, you can use any you want to try. I’m telling you work from the in side and and work on your outer skin. It literally puts your skin journey recover in turbo speed. 
Collagen Peptides Grassfed

Black Head Treatment/Large pores/ Promote clean skin 
To help with large pores, you have to cleanse your pores. I love this to help with clogged pores. 
Be sure to use it on a damp clean skin, and glide it over the congested areas. Be sure to clean with alcohol afterwards. 
Skin Scrubber

To help with large pores you gotta try the Ice Roller as mentioned above. With constant and daily use your skin will look amazing.

Pigmentation, Uneven Skin tones
Try Vitamin C serum by Drunken Elephant. It will help brighten your skin. 
Once you apply the Vitamin C Serum, use a Jade Roller and start from the center of the face and work your way out. This will help penetrate the product better and help with Lymphatic drainage. Try the Ice Roller Mentioned above as well.

Rosacea /  Redness/ Inflammation / Dry Skin/ Post Waxing /Post Chemical Peel 
If you have redness around your nose or cheeks and it’s dry, you may have dilated vessels around your nose that is peaking through your skin.I  know my brides, clients, student having this can be just as frustrating because the makeup doesn’t really cover it. Because the skin is thin and inflamed and it’s lacking collagen, so it make sense if you build up your collagen. Understanding what makes up collagen will help you understand why you need this in order to help with your skin. Collagen is a part of an Amino Acid. Amino Acid are the building blocks to your immunity, skin, healthy tissue. Our skin is a building block, and as we get older our collagen slowly diminishes. That’s why we notice our skin isn’t as plump as it use to be or we see lines or our skin is thinning out. Vitamin C is part of the building block so finding a supplement to take will def help. Collagen peptide powder or Lysine is something has helped me. When you work from the inside and outside together you will see more of result more quickly than just working on the outside. Taking that into consideration will help you understand the amount of patience, you will need depends on how much you want to invest in your skin. When we exfoliate or tear a layer down our skin to bring about new skin I wouldn’t recommend any harsh serum or anything treatment that can break your skin down even more. Doesn’t it make sense to build it up with collagen or Amino acid? Your skin is already thin so if you try Microdermasion or chemical peel it could make the matter worst than those who have thicker skin.

I love put Collagen Peptide powder into my morning shake or snack and it does wonders to my skin. If you try this for a two week you will notice a difference in your skin.

Hydration is the key as well. I love this moisturizer as it helps with inflamed skin as well. Try this products below it is super amazing for dry, inflamed skin. If there’s one thing you just need to get below would be the Moira Skincure Facial Cream. This moisturizer is pretty amazing. And you’ll love the Moira Hydrogel Collagen as well. This spray is a must. It helps sooth agitated skin plus it gives you a dose of collagen and helps hydrate your skin as well. ( I’m not getting paid for these links. FYI)  

Moira Moisture Whipping Cleanser
Moira Calming Toner
Moira Skinture Facial Cream
Moira Hydrogel Collagen Essence

I would use the red light and blue light therapy helps with boosting collagen. 
Another items you want to consider in adding into to your skin routine to help with Roseacha , large pores, acne is Jade Roller and Ice Roller. Jade Roller helps with tightening pores, it helps with unevenness, and it helps with Lymphatic drainage. Below is the link to the Ice Roller.  For the Ice Roller I wouldn’t use it more than 5 minutes. You want to start from the middle to the center of the face and roll outwards. 
Ice Roller

Dark Under Eye
Try Josie Marin Pure Argan Oil Know it’s not a quick fix. It will take a month to two months of commitment but you will be happy you did it. I personally don’t have much dark under eyes. But I have shared this tip for my clients and it has helped them. It’s good to know why you have dark circles so you can do all you can to help it.  If you work on elimination process, then you know what your options are to help it. Lifestyle – Do you sleep enough, dehydration, genetics (you can improve the look of it).Just know when you do makeup then you color correction will help reduce the visibility when you do makeup. You can still improve it. It’s lacking circulation and hydration under the eyes – which means you need oxygen in those area. So the red Light infrared will help to give oxygen to the skin cells which promotes circulation 

Lip Care: Exfoliate it using a home made scrub of brown sugar and honey mix, or use the lemon peel from Moira. Then apply a lip balm or carmex to help keep it moisturized.

We reached to the end finally. lol Keep in mind whatever you are doing to your skin before you do any skin care, please make sure your skin is clean or washed. You cannot work on skin that has makeup or dirt on it. Just wanted to make sure you are fully aware of that. Thanks so much for taking the time to read my take on skin care. I hope you find it helpful. Please comment below with any suggestions or if you want me to create a video for any of the topics mentioned above. Feel free to provide me any suggestions you would like to write in my upcoming blog post!

XoXo Jenny

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Great post Jenny! Super helpful!! Can you post a video on how to use the skin scrubber? I struggle with having large pores that get clogged often so want to try the ice roller and this. I know the roller will be pretty easy to use but tutorial on the scrubber would help before I get it!


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