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THANK YOU w/ a lil story time

by Jenny

Thank you all from the bottom of my heart for everyone! Last week, I announced my very first sale for the JTorry Beauty line. When I woke up the next day, and saw all the orders pour in, I literally balled because I was so overwhelmed with so much gratitude and support that was given for all my hard work.

Allow me to let you in on some insight within the battle of my Jenny Torry mindset. Our minds are so powerful, it has the ability to control your every movement, and changes your outcomes similarly to the way waves of a Tsunami can hit parts of the world that were once unimaginable. Everything starts with your mindset.

When I launch my beauty line in late December and my @Jtorrybeauty IG page, I wasn’t entirely mentally all in because I was struggling with my business name and my IG name. (mind you, I’ve been working on this project for years which meant I struggled with the names for years along with the physical work behind my beauty brand) The struggle trying to combine and not liking my @jtorrymakeup name because I didn’t feel as though it encompasses me fully as a makeup and hair artist or as a person. When people refer to me whether as a person or company, no one says JTorry Makeup, instead clients and colleagues all say the same when calling me, they refer to me as JTorry. My struggle is I wanted my main IG handle to match my new profound brand name, I was on a quest before I promoted my beauty brand, I wanted to figure out my foundation (the name of my business). This proved to be more complicated than I initially thought it would be. Months went by, and then the new climate came in and made it even harder for all of us to navigate through. Slowly, we came to terms, and we realized we should be grateful for our health, and everything will be okay. Finally, I had an epiphany and came to terms with myself two weeks ago, I decided and accepted that @JtorryMakeup is my main IG brand. It is JTorry, where I have a broad audience base, and this encompasses my artistry, bridal, life, team, and everything about me. (I’m going to share a Post that goes in-depth about this) @JTorryBeauty is my cosmetics/ beauty page, and those who follow me on @JtorryMakeup will continue to support me on my beauty page as well. Two weeks ago, I got out of my head and my comfort zone and announced my first live video on @JTorryMakeup and @JtorryBeauty. It was a my First Free Live Tutorial and I hosted it on my @JTorryBeauty Page. I received so much love on that tutorial, which led me to have my first Spring sale and offer a free virtual Zoom class to those who bought any of my #jtorrybeauty eyeshadow palettes. I wanted to show love to you guys and share more, but it’s been a journey for me to film myself. I am finally starting to feel comfortable and will be sharing more informational videos and connect more with you. The point of this post is to show you how strong your mind is and when you come in terms with your own mental battles, the blessing will pour in multitude even if you thought it wouldn’t be possible.

Thank you so much for everyone especially those who have supported my sale, those who have supported my entire brand, those who are sharing my post, those who are admiring me from the sideline, those who are hating from the sideline, those who are die-hard fans that purchase 3 orders in one week, those who have supported from the start and those who support me for who I am and allow me to be me. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

The love you’ve shown makes me as eager to show it to you in return, so I’m excited this week to see all of you who purchased one of my eyeshadow palettes live on my free eye shadow tutorial! Going to be shipping all the orders from this weekend out today and will be sending out my Virtual Zoom Eye Shadow invitation by tomorrow. If you don’t know what Zoom is, it’s where I can actually see you and interact with you and guide you. This IG Live is very limited since I can’t wait to see you. Those who have bought my Eye shadow, be sure to download the Free app “Zoom” on your Ipad or phone or Computer.

Next Post will be my most requested Skin Care Blog and can’t wait to share this with you guys! Much love to you all and I hope you all have a safe and amazing week! Talk to you soon!


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