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“JTorryBride” Robes

by Jenny

At the beginning of 2018, I began giving all my brides a robe. “Why do you give your bride’s a robe?!” you may wonder. Well, I can’t explain that in one sentence. Please be patient while I give you the whole story…it’s worth it, I promise!. So one day I was having random thoughts (as I usually do) and thought I should give my brides a special gift to make them feel even more luxurious (besides make-up) on their special day. And with my J Torry Makeup Academy just getting started at the time, I wanted to let my brides know they are still #1! Hey…without my brides there would be no academy. I needed to find something that every bride could use on her wedding day. So I thought…Hmmmm what could every bride use? Then I had the “A-HA” moment: A ROBE!! I see them all in robes. Then the hunt began! I had to find the most perfect robe. A robe that would make my brides feel special and sexy, a robe that would feel soft and silky against their skin, a robe in the right color that would look great on every skin tone. After an extensive search, I finally found the perfect robe! Ok so fast forward and now I’ve got the robe but it looks to plain. What to do??? A bride helped me to figure that out. One day as I was about to begin her make-up I see her waving her hands in the air behind me. She yelled excitedly “OMG I AM ABOUT TO BE A JTORRY BRIDE!!!” (Boy I didn’t realize that was such a big deal!) Another “A-HA” moment…”JTorry Bride” would be going on the back of every robe! Now I felt I needed the robe to be personalized somehow, so I decided to add each bride’s name on their robe. The finishing touch was finding the perfect font (Whew! That was hard!) and then getting the names embroidered in gold thread…a spectacular finish! This is the birth story (the process was just as painful but soooo worth it ) of the “JTorryBride” Robes. See I told you it was worth the read!!

MORAL OF THE STORY: My brides are special to me, each and every one! This is my way of saying: “Thank you for allowing and trusting me and my team to be a part of one of the most important day of your life!”


Jenny Torry


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